Bio Elis

Self portrait

I am  an Ukrainian artist living in Belgium. Portrait artist, graphic designer, web designer, 2D illustrator, member of  IWS Belgium (Society of Watercolour), teacher of watercolour technique, graphic drawings, portraits.
I graduated in Kharkiv Academy of design and Arts.
I speak several languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and studying Dutch.
Received European recognition for my watercolour paintings of modern realism and portraiture at some competitions in Poland, Italy, Pakistan. In 2019, the IWS Belgium watercolour community of Belgium invited me to join them as a member. Live exhibitions and a positive assessment of people interested in art is the highest award. I present My watercolour paintings mainly abroad. In Ukraine I was a finalist at an online portrait contest.

I teach watercolour workshops in the Russian church in Mechelen. The main task is to convey a positive attitude and transfer of skill to those who want to learn how to draw or simply find it useful for the soul and good mood.
Since childhood, I loved to draw people. Art is the passion of my life, always the pursuing of a greater knowledge of the world through art.

For more information about purchasing available works or for more information about ordering a portrait or any other type of order, please contact me by email.