A portrait is a mirror of the soul

Gillian Anderson
Anakin Skywalker
Patrick Swayze
Whitney Houston
Imam Hussein
Chevalier de Saint-Georges playing violin

This difficult period for the world is a test for people.

But in the dark, people want to leave their loved ones the memory of the family and the joyful days spent together. At the moment we live here and now, we do not know what will happen tomorrow, but we love our family. Now we can be sure only of love for each other and help people in need.

I am a portrait painter and try to translate people’s desires through my art. Even in such a difficult period as now, people turn to me to have time to take a portrait of a family member who is living now or who is no longer with them.

Family portraits are also a nice way to reunite with long gone loved ones, somehow travelling through years.

These are all small things that make us happy!

Vibrant shades, fine detailing, nimble strokes and the perfect balance of contrast while maintaining the transparency of watercolours spoke through the canvases, showing the artists’ excellent grip over the medium and limitless abilities to paint in different styles.